About Us


What We Do

We provide fine needle aspiration biopsy services, a minimally invasive interventional procedure to understand what that lump/bump/mass is.

A same-day procedure (20-30 min) and you’re back to your day without any downtime!

Walk in with or without a referral and let us take care of you!

Why Us

At AR Diagnostics, you have the luxury of receiving multiple services performed at the same time without having to go through multiple appointments with different doctors.

You’re already worried about what that lump/bump could be and the last thing you want is to have to go from appointment to appointment to find out what it is. Unfortunately, different doctors are available at different dates and at different locations, which means by the time you have an answer, it could be weeks.

You deserve an answer now and at AR Diagnostics, we streamline and combine all those appointments into one. You’ll receive medical, radiology, pathology and molecular services all at the same time! Why go through the hassle of jumping from appointment to appointment when you can stop by AR Diagnostics and let us handle it all!

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Lymph Nodes